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Lesson 9.1 - Introduction


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Hey, we’re at module 9 already, but who’s counting?

What do you think when I use the phrase ‘embracing imperfection’? What comes up for you?

Are you like, #nowayjose with an epic eyeroll to follow?

Do you think “Sounds good in theory, but I’m not going to accept any imperfections”?

Or do you think you’ve got this imperfectionist thing down and feel like imperfection isn’t as much about being broken but about being brave?

The topic of imperfection can bring out anxiety for us. And so, I think it’s terribly important to have a conversation around it and change the definition about what imperfection is.

That’s what lesson 2 in this module is all about and in lesson 3 we’re going to go over ways to embrace imperfection in a way that is authentic and doable and builds up your new imperfectionist lifestyle. Let’s get to it.