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Lesson 8.1 - Introduction


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Hello, my friend! Welcome to module 8.

In the previous 4 modules we went over common issues related to perfectionism: comparison, procrastination, people pleasing, and approval addiction.

But this module and the remaining modules in this course are all about topics, tools, and techniques to help you build up your imperfectionism.

And I have to tell you “I’m excited!” Because this module is about a faaaaavorite topic of mine: gratitude.

As a bonus, you’ve received access to my ebook Growing Gratitude. So, make sure to dig into Growing Gratitude as well, as I’m not going to repeat every little bit of information in this module.

Okay, so how is this module set up?

In lesson 2 we’re going to explore the relationship between perfectionism and gratitude. Actually, I stumbled upon this relationship entirely by accident.

In the introduction module I told you a little bit about my story, about how I hit rock bottom. The first thing I did was seek help for my depression. I started seeing a therapist and I also started working with a coach.

During that time there was very little I could muster up the energy for, because that’s what depression does. The one thing I felt like I could do, and started doing, was writing a daily gratitude list. I’d heard Oprah talking about her gratitude journal for years and I thought “Well, writing down ‘I’m grateful for…’ and listing three things, that should take no more than a minute. That’s doable.” And it was.

After a while, I guess it was maybe six months, I felt a little better and I figured that now was the time to start dealing with my perfectionism. And a funny and totally unexpected thing happened: gratitude actually helped me in dealing with my perfectionism. We’ll talk more about why and how that’s possible in the next lesson.

And then, in lesson 3, as always, it’s time for practical action steps and helpful strategies for adding more gratitude to your life.

In finishing up this introductory lesson, I want to leave you with this.

Writing down three things I am grateful for each day has been a turning point for me. Gratitude has changed my entire outlook on life. I am more positive, take nothing for granted and I'm more appreciative of the beauty around me.

It also helped me realize that my perfectionism has never been a trusted companion. In fact, it had held me back from achievement. Looking back, that was the moment I realized I no longer wanted to be The Perfectionist. I wanted to be The Gratefulist.

And now you know how my company’s name came to be.

Gratitude has been a transformative force in my life and I truly hope it will be the same for you. Let’s make that happen together. I’ll see you over in the next lesson.