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Lesson 6.1 - Introduction


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Hi! I’m back with the sixth module of this Perfectionist Bootcamp course. We’re taking on yet another perfectionism-related issue and I’m sure this one hits close to home for you: People Pleasing.

“Can you work for me this weekend? I’m really in a bind and need someone to pick up my shift!”

Ugh. Not again, you think.

That feeling of dread mixed with lingering regret suddenly sets in when you respond in a rather chipper voice, “Of course I can!”

Not a second passes after these words leave your lips when you think, why the hell did I just agree to that?!

Anyone else been here before?

I know who you are. You’re a people pleaser. A Yes Man (or better said, Yes Woman).

Being a people pleaser is actually affecting your emotional and spiritual well-being. You constantly feel treated like a doormat. You feel that no matter how bad you want to stand up for yourself, it’s impossible.

Being a people pleaser can have serious consequences down the long run. It’s one thing to be a kind human being, but it’s another thing to let people run all over you.

Does this sound like you too? Then this is the module for you, my friend. In lesson 2 of this module we’re going to get a deep understanding of your people pleasing behavior. And then, in lesson 3, we’re going to walk through different tips and action steps to help you deal with your people pleasing.

Alright, I’ll see you over in the next lesson!