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Lesson 5.1 - Introduction


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Hey you, welcome to a new module! Can you believe it’s module 5 already? I can’t.

In the previous module, we started off this series of modules and lessons about issues related to perfectionism. We started with Comparison and in this module we’ll tackle the topic of Procrastination.

Putting things off. Waiting till the last minute. Telling yourself and everyone around you: “Yeah, yeah, I’m totally gonna do that… tomorrow.”

Sound familiar?

Sure does to me. It doesn’t matter how productive or driven you are, if you’re human, there will be times when you procrastinate.

Now, us perfectionists have a special kind of relationship with procrastination. Seriously, as an imperfectionist, one of the most pervasive problems I ran into is procrastination.

The perfectionist way of thinking is: “Why start a project when I know I won’t be able to do it perfectly? Maybe I should wait a few months to get better at it first.”


“Nooooo, this project isn’t done yet and I can’t move on to the next thing, because there are so many details that aren’t perfect yet!”

And so many of you have let me know that you struggle with the exact same issue.

“Incompletion is the very hallmark of perfectionism.” - Elizabeth Gilbert

I love this quote by Elizabeth Gilbert, because we tend to gloss over the fact that we leave so many incomplete projects in our wake. We don’t think if it as incompletion, right? It’s perfect or bust. And if perfect isn’t an option yet, we pick the second best thing, which is procrastination.

Let’s do something about that.

In lesson 2 of this module, we’re going to slowly unpack what procrastination is and how it affects our work and life. And then, in the third lesson of this module, it’s action time. Where we’re going to go over lots of tips and strategies for dealing with procrastination.

Okay superstar, I’ll see you over in lesson 2.