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Lesson 4.1 - Introduction


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Alright, let’s go ahead and kick off module 4.

In the first three modules, we took on and tackled the beast of perfectionism as a whole. I presented you with the framework of imperfectionism and a process for overcoming your perfectionism.

But, for most of us, perfectionism doesn’t always show up as… well… as perfectionism. Sometimes it shows up as something else.

That’s why in this module and the next few modules we’re going to work on some very specific issues related to perfectionism. These issues either feed off perfectionism or they are the result of perfectionism.

Many of us struggle with these issues and this course wouldn’t be complete without addressing them.

In this module we’re going to start with Comparison.

In our hyper-connected and digitalized world, most of us are glued to our computers, laptops, and mobile devices. We spend hours and hours browsing websites, reading blogs, and scrolling through social media.

Seeing nothing but perfectly curated Pinterest feeds and perfectly styled Instagram photos, it’s easy to get sucked into comparison. We KNOW we’re looking at someone’s heavily edited highlight reel, but we still feel bad about our own less-than-perfect behind-the-scenes footage.

It’s all too easy to compare ourselves to those people on the internet who seem to have made it and have it all together and find ourselves coming up short. If we continue this for long enough, comparison can cripple our creativity and seriously diminish our motivation, both in work and life.

Dealing with comparison is difficult. It can seem almost impossible not to attempt to hold ourselves up to this standard. It seems simple and achievable for so many people, tantalizingly just out of reach, and it becomes incredibly easy to beat ourselves up over not being as good as others.

Dealing with comparison is difficult, but not impossible.

This module is all about dealing with comparisonitis, so that you can get your juju back.

To give you an idea of what you can expect, in the next lesson we’re going dive deep into the topic of comparison: what it is, how it works, and how it shows up in our lives. We’re going to touch on topics like the comparison trap, the feeling of being behind, and achievement versus alignment.

And then, in the final lesson of this module, we’re going to go over specific tips and strategies for dealing with comparison.

Alright, that’s it. I’ll see you over in the next lesson!