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Hi, welcome to the third module of this Perfectionist Bootcamp course!

This module is the heart and soul of this course. Obviously, the other modules are pretty important too and they all contribute to the Perfectionist Bootcamp process, but this one is where the biggest transformation is going to happen. This is where magic happens, my friend.

In module 1 you worked on getting a deep understanding into how your perfectionism shows up for you and module 2 was all about transforming the way you look at AND deal with fear. But I’m guessing that leaving behind perfectionism isn’t solely the reason why you started this journey, because there’s somewhere else, another place, another YOU you want to be.

Through exercises and action steps in the lessons and on the worksheets we’re going to actively bridge the gap between the la la land of fake and perfect and a world where you can be real and imperfect without shame or hesitation, so that you can actively start working toward your dreams and doing all the things that your perfectionism prevented you from doing before.

This module is where you’ll start to see what happens when you stop focusing on not enough and start embracing the mindset of more: more flow, more connection, more contentment.

Let me walk you through the setup of module 3 and the lessons involved.

In lesson 2, we’re going to be defining what a perfectionism-free life means. This module is called ‘From perfectionist to …’ and so in lesson 2 we’ll be giving a name to the other side of perfectionism. Nope, my friend, no spoiler alerts here. Get your booty over to lesson 2 to find out the answer.

Lesson 3 is all about walking you through a cool technique called unbundling. More about what unbundling is exactly and how helpful it is in overcoming perfectionism in lesson 3.

In lesson 4, we’re going to talk about why taking positive action is so important and how to lower the bar for taking action in a way that makes it easier to be successful.

Next up is lesson 5 with one more exercise to help you bridge the gap between perfectionism and the other side, between perfect and reality.

Lesson 6 is where I’ll be answering the question of is good enough really good enough. I’ll be sharing a simple technique to change your mindset about good enough.

And then finally, in lesson 7, we’re going to finish up this module with a big dose of encouragement and inspiration, because you know what, your perfectionism will keep rearing its ugly head from time to time. Expect to learn a simple way of not being discouraged when your perfectionism pops back up in this lesson.


Okay, that’s it. I hope you can’t wait to work through this module with me. Let’s get started, shall we?