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Hi! I’m back with the second module all about dealing with fear.

In the previous module we’ve established that perfectionism is a fear-based thought pattern resulting in fear-based behavior. And so this module is a MUST. It’s terribly important to take stock of your biggest fears, turn them around to look at them in a different light, and then to deal with those freakin’ fears.

Because if we give less weight to our fears, we won’t need to rely on our perfectionism as much. The next module of this course is dedicated to toning down our perfectionism and creating new habits and behaviors, but it’s equally as important to tone down our fears as well. That’s what we’re going to be doing in this module.

Let’s go over the different lessons to see what you can expect from this second module.

Lesson 2 is all about establishing what your biggest fears are. In general, but specifically the fears that fuel your perfectionism.

Then, in lesson 3, we’re going to transform the way you look at fear. Because, *spoiler alert*, not all fear is bad. A radical mindset shift can change the way you interact with fear and can stop it from having such a strong hold over you

Lesson 4 is full of tips and strategies for helping you deal with your fears.

And then, in lessons 5 and 6, we’re paying special attention to the fear of failure and the fear of success, as these two are the two biggest fears when it comes to perfectionism and so I wanted to highlight them both in separate lessons.

As usual, there are worksheets and exercises to help you on your way.

Are you ready? Let’s get to it.