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Who’s ready to dive into this Perfectionist Bootcamp course head first? This is module 1 all about figuring out, untangling, and getting a deep understanding of what perfectionism is exactly.

In the previous lesson in the introduction module, we talked a little bit about my perfectionism story and we used my story as an example to show the seductive power of perfectionism, but also its destructive force.

Before starting out at this Perfectionist Bootcamp journey I thought it was important to put perfectionism in some much-needed perspective for you and get you in the right mindspace for the main content of this course, which is - of course - where we are now.

Let me walk you through the setup of module 1 and the lessons involved.

Again, this module is all about getting a deep understanding about what perfectionism is, what its function is, and how it shows up for people. It’s about building up your knowledge and gaining insights into your perfectionist behavior.

This part of the process is really important. It can’t be skipped or glossed over, because the first step in overcoming perfectionism is to grasp what it IS. You can’t change what you don’t understand. Once you understand your perfectionism, you can rise above it. Expect many light bulb moments in this module.

Lesson 2 is where we’re going to define perfectionism. In lesson 3 we’re going to dive a little deeper into why women - specifically women - struggle so much with perfectionism. Next, in lesson 4, we’re going to debunk a few myths. Then, it’s time to explore what I call the perfectionism loop in lesson 5.

In lesson 6 we’re going to be exploring all of the tendencies and characteristics that we as perfectionists can be prone to, followed by the effects and consequences of perfectionism in lesson 7. And then, we’re going to wrap up this module with my take on this idea of ‘good’ perfectionism versus ‘bad’ perfectionism.

Now, that’s a lot of information, a lot of theory, which is an important step in gaining an understanding about perfectionism, but that doesn’t mean that taking action isn’t important.

A lot of resources for personal growth are mostly focused on a theory to change your way of thinking about a certain topic. But learning about a theory doesn’t mean anything if that change isn’t visible in or has an impact on your work and life.

The flipside of that same coin is the fact that I strongly believe that a course cannot be beneficial if it’s solely focused on taking action without it being rooted in something deeper: a deeper theory or framework or perspective.

That’s why, in Perfectionist Bootcamp, you get the best of both worlds, my friend.

The lessons in module 1 come with a number of worksheets with action steps and exercises to help you apply all that you’ve learned on your personal situation.

Okay, let’s get ready to rumble. I’ll see you over in the next lesson.