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Lesson 10.1 - Introduction


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This is it! You’ve reached the tenth and final module of this Perfectionist Bootcamp course.

This module is all about resting and reducing stress.

Now, I realize these topics are very broad and could be an entire course on its own. In this module I’m not going to give you EVERY single tip when it comes to dealing with stress or cite EVERY stress-related study or go over EVERY stress-busting strategy there is, but just the ones that I’ve found to be helpful in overcoming perfectionism and building up a habit of imperfectionism.

That’s why this module isn’t the longest module in the course, but I still felt this topic needed attention. Because there’s one thing, one way perfectionism shows up for us, that we haven’t talked about yet. In lesson 2 we’ll talk about what that is. And in lesson 3 we’ll go over a few helpful stress-busting techniques. Let’s get to it.