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Lesson 0.2 - Introduction to the course


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Hey guys! Let’s talk a bit about this Perfectionist Bootcamp process I created. This is a process I developed over the course of a year and a half. So, it didn’t just happen one day. It really was a process of my own experience, that of fellow creatives, lots of researching, and honing everything and I didn’t create this course until I felt like the Perfectionist Bootcamp process was replicable and in a place where I could teach it to you guys and that I felt comfortable doing that.


Structure of the course

Now, what about the course content and how to make the most of this course? Aside from this introduction module, there are 10 main modules. Each module has a number of lesson within that module.

This course refers back again and again to 2 core areas: Work and Life. This means that the Perfectionist Bootcamp process is applicable to business, work, personal life, creativity, housekeeping, hobbies or all of the above. So, whether your perfectionism is all encompassing or it shows up in one aspect of your life, you’re set.

Module 1 through 3 are all about getting a deep understanding about what perfectionism is and how it shows up in your work and life. So, it’s about figuring out the root of your perfectionist behavior. If you understand it, you can rise above it. We’re also going to dive deep into some strategies for dealing with fear, anxiety, and perfectionism. And… this is also where we’re going to be working with a framework for leaving perfectionism behind and getting to the other side. Module 3 is the module where we stop abusing our talents through perfectionism and start leveraging them instead.

Modules 4, 5, 6, and 7 are a little different. Up until this point in the course we talked a lot about perfectionism, what it is, and what to do when perfectionism shows up as… well… as perfectionism. As this overwhelming need to perfect everything we do.

But sometimes perfectionism shows up in a different way:

  • A bout of crippling comparison-itis

  • Being stranded in procrastination station

  • A need to please #allthepeople

  • A raging addiction to approval and praise

And so, we’re addressing these 4 perfectionism-related issues in module 4 through 7.

And then finally, there’s modules 8, 9, and 10 and in it we’re going through strategies for using the practice of gratitude, embracing imperfection, and resting and de-stressing as a means to build resilience against perfectionism on a day-to-day basis and set yourself up for long-term success.


Each lesson is made up of...

  • a video of me explaining the main points with accompanying slides

  • a written portion below each video (you’re reading that now!)

  • worksheet(s) for you to download and print out

  • links to the worksheet, lesson slides, and other relevant resources


What tools will I need?

What tools do you need for this course? Well, how does a pen and a piece of paper sound? A notebook, a journal, or a simple piece of paper, that really is all you need. But of course, if your preferred method for processing and reflecting is whipping out a paint brush, cooking a three-course meal, or talking with a trusted friend, that’s fine too!

This course comes with a lot of valuable and helpful resources and worksheets that I’ve provided for you to help you do the work and to make sure you’re able to take full advantage of all the lessons.


Questions and community

The best place to go to connect with other students and to ask for feedback is the Perfectionist Bootcamp Facebook group. Click on the link below this video to request access to the Facebook group.

If you want to connect privately for whatever reason, you can also feel free to just shoot me an email. Remember though, this course only works if you do your part! To get the best feedback possible, try to keep your questions focused, to the point, and make sure the specific question you need answered is clear. Do that and I’m happy to offer whatever advice I can!


How to get the most out of this course

  • Aim for progress, not perfection. #truthbomb

  • Don’t skip through the course. I spent tons of time and energy thinking about the right order for each step in the process that will give you the most seamless learning experience possible. If you skip around it’s likely that you could miss a critical step as each lesson builds upon another.

  • Listen to your gut. This entire course is a journey. There may be moments where the answers don’t come right away and you may want to walk away. I encourage you to stay in it and just listen to your gut. Do your best to tap into that heart-knowing that we all have and that will help you move forward.

  • Hold yourself accountable. Remember, when you bought this course, you did so because you wanted to make an investment in yourself. Make a commitment to finish this course and set aside the time now that it will require in order for you to get the most out of it. Use the Progress Tracker worksheet and write down your goal completion dates for each module.