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Video #1: 4 steps to start letting go of your perfectionism



Welcome to the first video in this #perfectionistproblems video series! I’m so excited that you’re going through this process of letting go of perfectionism with me.


Here’s what we’re going to be working on in this video:

  • We’re going to debunk all those myths that are going around about perfectionism and that probably have you scared to let go or stuck and unable to move forward

  • After debunking these myths and having talked about what perfectionism isn't, we’re going to get real clear about what perfectionism really is (I’m going to get vulnerable here!)

  • Next, we’re going to dig deep into the two core areas that are the birthplace of perfectionism and get an understanding of why letting go of perfectionism is so difficult

  • Then, it’s time to start working on the 4 steps that’ll kickstart your journey of overcoming perfectionism

  • And, finally, I’m going to share 4 strategies you can use to combat a bout of perfectionism in the moment, when you’re doing something and the perfectionism bug strikes

Let get to it!

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